XMV660 Medium Voltage Variable Speed Drive


XMV660 Medium Voltage Variable Speed Drive

Product Description

  • Making use of low voltage components to achieve medium voltage performance with the same reliability.
  • With its multi-pulse step-down transformer, very low harmonic distortion is achieved and an almost sinusoidal output waveform with low dv/dt is derived from the multi-stage output power cells. This in terms allow the cable distance from VFD to motor to be as long as 1.0 kM or more
  • With low harmonic distortion and losses, power factor of 0.90 to0.95 and efficiency of 95.0 to 96.5 % is guaranteed throughout its operating speed range & load conditions
  • Built-in bypass functions of power cell in case of any failure of cell allows the plant to continue running with minimum reduction of plant output capacity unlike other brands of MV VFD
  • Even customized solutions for any particular requirement are available upon request by customer such as outdoor applications and sandstorm proof
  • Round the clock technical support from local or factory in Valencia, Spain

Solar inverters

These solar inverters were the offspring from the very successful SD700 series VFD and have been used in many solar power system in many countries around the world.

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