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ACMV / Fire Protection System

Variable Speed Drives & Electronic Soft Starter applications for energy saving & control of air-conditioning and mechanical ventilation in commercial and residential projects through

  • Sales including Testing & Commissioning and Application Specification
  • Servicing & Repair
  • Replacement & Modification
  • Preventive Maintenance Service Contract
  • Total Solution to Customer needs

Use of Power Quality Analyzer and high speed(1 cycle) switching capacitors bank system to improve on voltage stabilization and power factor improvement by:

  • ¬†Audit through trend logging and analysis of customers energy consumption and simulation of data recorded through Elspec patented software to derive the amount of energy savings achieved using Elspec recommended capacitor bank.
  • Presentation of findings and report to customer for further understanding of system to be implemented and agreement on the energy savings amount proposed.
  • Supply and installation of recommended capacitor bank system to achieve the above simulated energy saving.
  • The usage of Medium & Low Voltage Variable Speed Drives, Soft Starters, Passive & Active Harmonic Filters via an extensive analysis of the equipment and their power requirement in water industries.
  • Provide industrialized type of above equipment to suit the harsh environment where these equipment are installed, etc.
  • Compliment the control automation system of these applications with our range of ELKO electronic timers and protection relays.
  • Power quality and energy monitoring and solutions similar to above application where energy saving is of utmost importance.
  • To provide round the clock preventive maintenance servicing and repair of above critical equipment to minimize downtime of the plant.
  • Enhance security and monitor the surrounding of important & sensitive installations through the use of CCTV system, bio-metric access and AV intercom system.
  • Up-keep and maintain these security systems to ensure that such security measures are not breach through failure.
  • Kindly send us an enquiry regarding any information about our CCTV services.